After vacation, it was good to get back to my art classes. Right after we got back from Greece, my mom and I went to an art show and we were surprised because there were paintings of Santorini and we had just been there. I go every Thursday afternoon to art class and my teacher, Cris Original and I paint together. Her dog, Lola, often watches us paint. Right now, I am using watercolours. Before I start, we tape the paper onto cardboard and then we wet it. I then think of some ideas for painting. I mix the colours of paints to get the colours I want to use that day and then I begin. I think I have a good imagination and I like to use that when I paint. When I paint, it feels amazing.

A piece of my artwork.

A piece of my artwork.

Before I started using watercolours, I used acrylics for a long time. I like watercolours better. After seeing the paintings in the Van Gogh museum, I would like to try oil painting one day.

I like doing lots of art. I like to draw and when I was in high school, I donated some drawings to raise money for the cancer campaign. I have also done pottery. I used clay and made different shapes, like bowls and cups, for example. After I shaped them, they went in an oven and then after that, I glazed them. The glaze has different colours like green, blue and other colours. I loved making pottery, too. I would like to it again sometime when I have time.

Another of my paintings.

Another of my paintings.

4 thoughts on “Artful

  1. Thanks for making such generous donations of your work to the Cancer Campaign! As a breast cancer survivor, I appreciate your efforts!

    I am so glad I read the article about your blog in the LFP this morning and hope to keep reading about your full and rich life!

  2. I love doing art, too. My favorite medium is oil painting, you should definitely try it!! I love the texture that the paint has once it is dried. Love your paintings, can’t wait to hear about your new adventures. Xoxo

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