Bin Day

I love bin day. You maybe do not know what bin day is. Every Saturday, we have a bin delivered with fresh veggies. They are organic and they are from a farm near here. You never know what you will get in your bin. It is just whatever is ripe that week. We cook meals that use our Saturday veggies.

My apartment is downstairs in my mom and dad’s house so I get to share the fresh vegetables. I know that you are what you eat and all veggies are healthy. For the first few weeks when we got the bin in the spring, we got a lot of rhubarb. We had rhubarb on chicken, rhubarb muffins, rhubarb loaf, rhubarb pie. It was a lot of rhubarb.

Some weeks, there are veggies in the bin that are a mystery. Then we have to learn what they are and how to eat them. We have liked everything that we have had.

I'm unpacking the bin. I didn't know what the yellow veg was but I found out it is a pattypan squash.

I’m unpacking the bin. I didn’t know what the yellow veg was but I found out it is a pattypan squash.

I am also trying to grow tomatoes, green and red peppers, strawberries and herbs, in the back garden. The chipmunks love the tomatoes and peppers. We didn’t know chipmunks liked vegetables. We tried to put a little fence around them but the chipmunks still got in and they are eating the veggies. We put cayenne pepper on them but the chipmunks seemed to really like that. That’s really spicy. The squirrels love strawberries. I didn’t know that either. And, something is eating the herbs. I do not know what. It could be rabbits. Good thing we get a bin.

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  1. I tried to grow tomatoes once. They became overrun with tomato horn worms, which are disgusting! They are giant caterpillars as big as hot dogs; they have suction cup feet and will not let go of the plant! I sure wish I had gotten a bin, too!

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