Busy Special Olympics Days

Me and Dad playing a joke. The cigars are fake.

Me and Dad playing a joke. The cigars are fake.

It been a busy few days. On Friday I volunteered at a Special Olympics golf tournament. It was to raise money for Special Olympics. My dad and I played a joke on the golfers. We were giving out cards for a poker hand and so me and dad had visors and fake cigars and we tried to look like poker players. It was a fun day. There was a steak dinner at the end with lots of veggies and a nice cake. I saw lots of friends all day.

Me and my friend Joe

On Friday evening, a Special Olympics friend named Joe came to stay at our house. He is from Newmarket and we know him from skiing. I met him in Owen Sound in 2007. Joe likes buses so he came down to ride buses and then he stayed at our house.

The next morning, we were up early and we showed Joe where I ski every Monday night in the winter. It is called Boler Mountain. Sometime I snowboard there too.

I was playing defense

Then, I was off to a Special Olympics soccer tournament in Woodstock for the day. We won one game and lost one. We also did some skills competitions, like longest kick. I thought it would be a nice sunny day but it was not. It was cold and rainy.

After we got back home, we went to my boyfriend Scott’s house for dinner. We had a great dinner and watched some t.v. Scott just got back from holidays and he brought me a blue and orange elephant for my room. Elephants are my favourite animal and blue and orange are my favourite colours.

And now today I am off to volunteer at Camp Kee Mo Kee for the week.



6 thoughts on “Busy Special Olympics Days

  1. Just read your blog for the first time,looking forward to hearing more.Have fun at camp keep us up to date about what’s happening. I also have a sister with downs,she also did Special Olympics ,as a swimmer and bowling.have a great day.

  2. Hidy ho Val. I read the article in the London Free Press this morning. You instill a sense of joy and pride to all of us volunteers at Special Olympics. Simply, put thanks for a putting a smile on Suzanne’s and my face every time we meet.

    Keep on blogging

    Rick & Suzanne

  3. I hope you are having a great time at camp this week Val and that you will blog about your adventures! The London Free Press Story was amazing and you are too!

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