Camp Kee Mo Kee

Which way to the camp?

Which way to the camp?

I was volunteering all week at Camp Kee Mo Kee. I have done this for lots of years now. I arrived at Kee Mo Kee last Sunday and saw lots of friends that I see every year.

The counsellors all have camp names. Mine was Joey. My partner for the week was Sunny. She was fun.

We had a staff meeting every morning and every night. In the mornings, we talked about schedules and at night, we did lemons and oranges. Lemons are things you do not like and oranges are things you do like. I always said I have nothing for lemon but I had something different for orange every day.

On Monday, Deb Van Brenk from the London Free Press came out to camp to interview me for a story. I was a teeny bit nervous but Deb was very nice. Some of the questions were very hard. Then Mike Hensen, a photographer from the Free Press came out to take out to my picture. He was funny.

All week, I helped with camp games and campfires skits and songs. I did cabin checks every morning. I brought a clipboard and I checked from one to ten. One is the worst. This is to make sure all the cabins are clean. I also helped with community duties. The campers all have to help with this and then I checked off if they did their jobs. I also worked in the tuck shop. I gave out snacks to the campers first, then the rest of the staff. I also helped out with the sports. I coached the kids to play fair and have fun.

I don’t have to work all the time at camp. We all get breaks. They are called f.o.b. (flat on bunk). The campers also have f.o.b. During f.o.b., I like to do art at the craft lodge and I write in my journal. In the craft lodge, there are big pieces of canvas where campers and staff have put their names for many, many years.

I got to go swimming two times when I was on a break.

I helped with the out-tripping. We took the campers for a medium-length walk through a bit of woods to some horses. We don’t touch the horses, we just look at them. We did some sports and had a campfire with smores. It started to rain so we had to head back.

On Thursday, the campers did a talent show so I helped them get ready. Before the talent show, we had a banquet and I helped hang streamers and set up tables.

The week went by really fast. I never like to leave because I have to say goodbye to my friends.

4 thoughts on “Camp Kee Mo Kee

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun Val! Your campers are lucky to have someone like you to guide them and make everything so much fun!

  2. You do so many interesting things Val. You are truly adventurous and love & respect the outdoors. I feel like going to light a campfire now and roast a few marshmallows. Keep the stories coming!

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