Roller Coaster Week

This past week has been very busy. We had brunch with John and Jane, our old

Me, with my friends John and Jane

Me, with my friends John and Jane

neighbours. They are good friends. We went to Museum London for brunch. I had Eggs Benedict. It was great. John likes fishing so we talked a lot about that. They just bought a new house and they are putting in a white kitchen. I have a white kitchen in my apartment.

On Sunday, I went to the Western Fair and I went on lots and lots of rides. My favourite ride is the Himalayan. We

I was holding a chick at the fair. I named it Pat.

I was holding a chick at the fair. I named it Pat.

saw a few animals but I did not see any pigs. They didn’t have as many animals as they usually do. I think there were less rides too. I hope next year they will have more rides and more animals. I got some cotton candy, which I love.

When we were driving home from the fair, my oldest sister, Angela called. She was calling from the hospital. She broke her leg. She broke two bones. She was playing Ultimate Frisbee. We drove to the hospital in Guelph and waited in the waiting room with

My sister broke her leg.

My sister broke her leg.

Ollie, my brother-in-law. We got to see Angela for just a few minutes after her surgery and she was very knackered. (That is a British word for tired.) I was very sad and very worried about her. I have had surgery and I know it is not nice. They put a rod in her leg. That is science about the human body. That is called biology. Angela had to stay in the hospital until the next day. Then, we went to Waterloo to see Angela. She has a huge bandage on her leg, not a cast. Angela’s cat, Clara, jumped on her leg and Angela screamed. It must have hurt. We are going back to Waterloo again tomorrow and my mom is going to stay there for 5 days because Ollie will be away with his job. He is going to Nashville. I hope my sister gets better soon.

5 thoughts on “Roller Coaster Week

  1. Glad you had fun at the fair. Feel bad for your sister Angela. I never thought of ultimate frisbee as being a rough sport. I guess we won’t have that sport in Special Olympics! I am so looking forward to our fall and winter sports starting soon! You probably are too

    • Ah yes, just a very unfortunate angle, rather than anything inherent to the sport. It’s non-contact and has a “spirit of the game” element that is very in line with SO. I hope to see it in Special Olympics someday (with no further broken bones!)

    • Thank you Alex. My sister, Angela is all better. It took a long time but she is good. She is even back to cross country skiing.

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