Take Your Sister-in-law To Work Day

I love working and I like to learn new things. I love the jobs I have but I also like to learn what other people do. My brother-in-law, Ollie, is a journalist and an editor. I got to visit his work and Ollie toured me around his office. He works at MHM Publishing and they put out 3 magazines. It was really interesting and fun to see what they do. I got to meet Ollie’s co-workers and they put me to work there. The magazines are about helicopters and airplanes so there are lots of pictures of these things all over the office.

I was helping to get some work done.

I was helping to get some work done.


Like one of my jobs, I did some filing and punched holes in paper. I liked helping them out. They were all great people.



My sister, Angela, working in her office.

After I left Ollie’s office, we went to pick up my sister, Angela at her school. We had to pick her up because she has a broken leg and it is hard for her to move around. She is doing her PhD in psychology and so we went to her office at the university. In psychology, they study how brains work and things like that. I know that Angela does lots of research and this is where she does lots of that research.



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