Election Day is Coming

Today was a nice day but a bit cold. We took Merlin, my dog, out for a walk and when we were walking, we saw Matt Brown. He is running for mayor in the election that is coming up on October 27th. He was going to people’s houses and meeting them and giving them flyers about himself. Matt is a great guy. I met his dad, too and he was also very nice.

Matt Brown and me.

It is very important to vote in an election. I am 24 and since I turned 18, I have voted in every election that there has been. Everyone should vote in an election. I always research all the candidates. I read about them online and then I decide who will get my vote. I look at what they say about the things that are important to me. I do not tell people who I am voting for and that is okay to do that. The most important thing is to read about the candidates and then go out and vote. See everyone at the polls on election day.

5 thoughts on “Election Day is Coming

  1. Thanks for the informative blog on voting Val. You are so right! It is important that everyone get out and pick their favourite candidate !
    Shall we darlin’? Let’s Vote!

  2. Hi Val, Really enjoyed this post. Londoners should follow your lead about researching candidates and getting informed. I’m inspired! Happy voting!

  3. Hey Val – love this post!! So happy to see you are interested in politics – that is awesome! Can’t wait for soccer – see you soon!!!

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