Western Mustangs

The other day I went to see the Western Mustangs football game. They were playing against the Laurier Golden Hawks. Western is the university in my city. It is a very big university and it is very pretty. My sisters went to university there and so did my mom a long time ago.

Me and Greg Marshall, the Head Coach of the Western Mustangs.

Me and Greg Marshall, the Head Coach of the Western Mustangs.

The night we went to the Mustangs game, it was so cold. We wore warm sweaters and mittens and hats. I went with my Special Olympics soccer team. We got a Western Mustangs t shirt. My boyfriend, Scott, won another t shirt but he was cheering for Laurier so he gave it to me.

Western beat Laurier 61-20. That was very fun.

Western scored another touchdown.

Western scored another touchdown.

Whenever the Mustangs score a touchdown, a woman rides a horse around the track. She carries a Western Mustangs flag. I would love to have her job.

There was also a marching band. They have all sorts of instruments – trumpets, trombones, drums, flutes and lots of other instruments. The cheerleaders are fun to watch. I have been to other events at Western with the cheerleaders and a few times they lifted me up and I made a W with my hands.

Sometimes the Western Mustangs come out and play our soccer teams. They aren’t just good football players, they are also really good soccer players. Usually their coach, Greg Marshall, plays goal and he seems to be easy to score on. They are all really nice guys and I really like it when they come out and play sports with us.

I hope they win the Vanier Cup this year. The Vanier Cup is the Canadian football championship. Go Mustangs Go!


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