Hutton House

This is a wheel we use to stretch and flatten the clay.

This is a wheel we use to stretch and flatten the clay.

In my spare time, I do some activities at Hutton House. 

Right now, I am taking pottery classes. We can choose to make whatever we want. I will tell how I make a mug. First, I take the clay and I roll it out. Then, I make a circle. Then I shape it into a mug shape. Then I roll out more clay and make a handle and I attach that by scoring it. Then I put a design on the mug with a special tool. Then it gets fired. That means it gets baked at a really hot temperature.

Some completed pottery.

Some completed pottery.

After it has been fired, it is all white. Then it gets dipped in candle wax and then I scrape it off. Then I glaze it in a colour I like. This takes lots of days to get a finished mug. It’s a really good mug and I am proud of myself.



The guitar and song writing studio at Hutton House.

Also, I have been playing guitar at Hutton House for a few years. My favourite cord is C. Right now, we are working on Silent Night, which is my favourite Christmas song. Sometimes I get emotional when I hear Silent Night. We are also working on Jingle Bells and that is just a fun song to play. My guitar teachers are Bob, Dick and sometimes Luke. They make it really fun.

As you probably know, I love to write. I used to take a Song Writing class at Hutton House but now, for the past few course sessions, I have been a volunteer and I help other people write their songs. You can tell a story in a song and you need to think of rhyming words. I like helping other people think of their stories to tell so it is good to find out what their interests are and what kind of music they like, for example, pop, rock, country and so on.

The time I spend at Hutton House is awesome.



2 thoughts on “Hutton House

  1. Well Val, it sounds to me like you can have a hot chocolate in that mug, while you are writing lyrics to your next song!!
    Hutton House is an amazing place and lucky to have you as one of their students/volunteers.

  2. Wow I didn’t know so many steps went into making your pottery!
    Can’t wait to see your next pieces!

    Maybe you can play Silent Night for me when I come home for Christmas?

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