Visiting at Saunders

The other day I went to my old high school, Saunders Secondary School. I went in to Saunders because I was selling my Christmas cards. Lots of people bought them.

I really like the people at Saunders. It’s a great high school. While I was visiting, I got to see some of my old teachers. They are all really great people.

Saunders has a Best Buddies program. I was part of this when I was at Saunders. Best Buddies is a program where students with an intellectual disability are partnered with other students. Sometimes, you have lunch with your best buddy or sometimes you do other things in the school. Sometimes you do things outside of school with your best buddy. When I was at Saunders, there were so many students that wanted to participate, that we all had two best buddies.

Jamie Clark with his Movember back 'stache.

Jamie Clark with his Movember back ‘stache.

Every year, Saunders has a Cancer Campaign. They raise lots and lots of money to help fight cancer. Jamie Clark is the teacher who organizes the campaign. When I was visiting the school, he had a Movember mustache but here is the funny thing. He has a bald head but he grew a “mustache” on the back of his head. He called it his back ‘stache.



When I was at Saunders, I was voted Prom Queen and my boyfriend Scott was Prom King. It was a fun night and there was lots of dancing. It was one of the best nights of my life, so far. That was in 2011 and that was the year of my graduation. That was very exciting, too. I won the Jane O’Connor Award for Achievement.

2 thoughts on “Visiting at Saunders

  1. Those Christmas Cards you are selling Val – they rock. They are so cool and Christmasy. Next time I see you or one of your salesmen, I will buy another box if you still have any left.

    Pretty nice of you to go back to school. You must have been a pretty good student for them to remember you.

    All the best to you as we prepare for Christmas. Suzanne, Jamie and my daughter Danielle – we are going to Winnipeg in a week’s time to celebrate Christmas in Winnipeg. The weather is so cold but family at Christmas is so warm as we are thankful we are all healthy.

    We love your blogs.

    Rick & Suzanne

  2. Hi Val! It was so great seeing you & Scott at the Diply party on Friday (and meeting your families too)! I just finished exams so I thought I’d check out your blog, and it’s fantastic. I love it!

    I definitely miss Saunders as well and am due for a visit some time soon.

    Wishing you all the best over the holidays! Take care!

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