How to be Organized

This is my very busy time of year. I have some tips on how to stay organized when you are busy.

  • On Sunday nights, make a list of everywhere you have to be that week. Then you will not forget about anything.
  • If you have equipment, like say for sports for example, try to have it organized the night before. You can also get your clothes out the night before.
  • Try to always get a good night’s sleep so you are not too tired.
  • Eat healthy. If you eat a lot of junk food, you might not feel good enough to do everything you want to do.
  • Find a bit of time to relax. Maybe you want to hang out with your friends or do something else you like to do. I like to practice guitar when I have spare time.
  • Cross things off your list as you do them. This feels good.
  • If you need to take a lunch, make it the night before.
  • If you are sick, stay home.

This is what my schedule looks like right now:

Monday: I work in the daytime and then do alpine skiing at night.

Tuesday: I work in the daytime, then I play soccer from 5-6 and then do rhythmic gymnastics from 7-8.

Wednesday: I take a pottery class all morning and then do a fitness class in the afternoon.

Thursday: I take a painting class and in the evening I play basketball.

Friday: I go skiing in the morning, teach song writing in the afternoon and often I go to a London Knights games in the evening. I really like watching the Knights.

Saturday: I go to a fitness class – one week it is drum fit, the next week it is dance fitness and then the third week, kick boxing. Then it starts over at drum fit again, and so on.


Sunday: I go to Nordic skiing in Waterloo with Scott. My coach is my sister, Angela.

I take time for my blog and my business.

I also like to play with my pets. That is important because they like to play.

I also like to go snowboarding. It is not a Special Olympics sport. I do it for fun and because I am a daredevil. One of my ski coaches, Taylor, says that snowboarding is going to the dark side. Ha ha. Maybe it is not the dark side. Maybe it is the wild side.


3 thoughts on “How to be Organized

  1. Thanks for the tips Val! If this works for a busy young lady like you it should also work for retired old me! I will give it a try!!

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