The Mayor’s Breakfast

A few weeks ago, Mayor Matt Brown invited me to be his guest at the State of the City Address on January 27th. This is a breakfast event. It was at the Convention Centre and there were 1300 people there.

Me and my new buddy, Mayor Matt Brown

Me and my new buddy, Mayor Matt Brown

The Mayor gave a really good speech and he mentioned me! There was even a big picture of me on two big screens at the front of the room. He also talked about other businesses in our city and what’s going on in the city. He talked about his plans for the city for the next year. He also mentioned my friend Taylor’s business, Go Viral. Mayor Brown is a really good speaker.

Before the Mayor’s speech, we all had a nice breakfast. I knew some people there and I did some visiting. The Chief of Police, Brad Duncan, is my friend and we had a nice talk. I saw my friend, John Lucas. He works for the city. I saw my friend, Kevin MacDougall and so we had a little visit. I talked to Councillor Harold Usher because I know him from way back. There were lots of new people to meet and lots of old friends.

It was a fun morning and it was amazing that the Mayor talked about me in his speech.


3 thoughts on “The Mayor’s Breakfast

  1. Hi Val. Always a joy reading your blog. You are such a super representative for all the activities you are involved with. We are so lucky to have you in Special Olympics where you continue to shine and show others the incredible talents you have. You energize us volunteers with your positive spirit.

    Keep on rocking!,

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