World Down Syndrome Day

Today is World Down Syndrome Day.  It is always celebrated on March 21st. The science of that is that people like me, people with Down syndrome, have 3 #21 chromosomes, everyone else only gets 2. Chromosomes are inside us and make us our own unique people. I think that is how to explain that. So March 21 is the 3rd month, 21st day. 3.21 Get it? I think that science is really interesting.

So because today is a day to celebrate Down syndrome, I will talk about that.

I counted this morning and I know more than 35 people with Down syndrome. I know them from Special Olympics, from LDSA, from DSRI and other places. We are all different. We have different interests and different dreams. Sometimes people think that everyone with Down syndrome is the same. We are not.

Sometimes people are not nice to people with Down syndrome. This is one thing that is the same about us. We all have feelings and when people are mean, our feelings get hurt. That is true about everyone though, not just people with Down syndrome.

Mostly, we are like everyone else. We like to hang out with friends. We like to go to school or work. We like to learn new things. And we like to have dreams for our future.

I love this song that they did on Glee last night and I think it fits for today. I hope it is true for your life. I like to think it is true for mine.

Happy World Down Syndrome Day. Celebrate with us.

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