The FANtastic Event

Mayor Matt Brown and me.

Every year, Special Olympics London has the FANtastic Event. My mom and dad work hard on it with lots of other people. We always have a fan of the year and this year it was Western University. Some of the athletes do a fun performance, kind of like a skit, to thank our fan of the year. We rehearsed a lot to get ready.

When we got to the event, we talked with people as they arrived. I knew lots of people. The Mayor was there and I talked to him.

We had a nice dinner and then it was time to do our performance. With my friend, Jon, I played a cheerleader like the ones from Saturday Night Live.




My friend, Bill Mills took these pictures.

My friend, Bill Mills took these pictures.

Two of my other friends, Scott and James were dressed up in tutus. There was lots of laughing. One guy in the audience said he laughed so much, he cried.

I cannot wait for next year’s event.

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