My new job!

I have been really busy lately so I have not had much time to blog but I am back. I have some exciting news. I have another new job!

Back in April, at the Fantastic Event (that is a dinner gala for Special Olympics), my ski coach, Taylor offered me a job. Taylor own GoViral and that is the company that does I was very excited when he offered me a job!

So I started the job and I have made lots of friends there. It is a very fun place to work. Everyone is really nice. I am new at the job so I have a job coach that goes with me. His name is Joe and he is from Hutton House. He is helping me to learn everything at my new job and soon I will do it without Joe’s help. He is a really nice guy.

I take a notebook with me and I keep a list of what I am supposed to do. I do a lot of different things at my job and mostly I help to keep the place organized. I am a good organizer. They are on the 11th floor and the 10th floor in the building and I go to both floors to help out.

I will tell you more about my job as I go along. I really like working there.

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