Catching up

This is going to be a long catch-up blog. I have been very busy because I work every day now plus I am training for the Special Olympics Canada National Games. But, I’m going to go back a bit and tell you about some of the things that are going on in my life.

I was very busy with my Downright Valuable business in December. I sold lots of my penguin Christmas cards and I made lots of pallet signs and dyed lots of scarves.

Christmas was exciting. All my family was at my house. My sister, Jackie and her boyfriend, Brian came from Calgary. My sister, Angela and my brother-in-law, Ollie came from Toronto. It is really fun when we are all together. We had Christmas early because Jackie and Brian had to leave on Christmas Eve. They were going on a cruise with Brian’s family. We had another little Christmas on Christmas day.

Me and Ollie tossing the football around. Merlin in the middle.

It was warm at Christmas and so Ollie, Dad and I threw the football around. It felt more like fall than Christmas. For Christmas dinner, my nana and papa came over and we had a nice dinner and we laughed a lot.


After Christmas, me, my mom and dad, and Angela and Ollie all flew to Playa del Carman in Mexico. We had a condo rented and I really liked it.

We had our own rooftop patio with our own little pool.

We were near a street called 5th avenue and there were lots of interesting shops and restaurants there. One day, we stopped at a shop where they had little fish in tanks called Dr. Fish.

Dr. Fish!

Dr. Fish!

The fish nibble at your bare feet and it tickles a bit but it also feels really nice. Angela, Ollie and I did that. One day we went to see some ruins in a place called Tulum. I love looking at ruins. It was really hot that day. The ruins are right at the ocean and they are really pretty. We took a boat, after we walked for a long time, out in the ocean and saw the ruins from the ocean. Then we went snorkeling and it was very wavy. I saw a stingray and some pretty fish and lots of coral.

At Tulum

At Tulum


There is a big coral reef there. We also went snorkeling a few days later. That day, we took a jet ski out to a boat and then the boat took us to a good place to snorkel. We ate lots of good food and had a few Margaritas. On New Year’s Eve, we sat on our rooftop patio and watched all the fireworks that were set off on the beach. It was really pretty. IMG_1725I really liked it there and I’d like to go back to the same place.







Back at home and I am working hard at training. The National games are coming up very soon. They are the first week of March. I will fly to Deer Lake, Newfoundland and then take a shuttle to Corner Brook. I was in Deer Lake a few years ago but I have never been to Corner Brook.

Warming up at training camp.

Warming up at training camp.

A few weekends ago, I was at a training camp in Collingwood with the rest of Team Ontario Alpine. It was really fun. Every night we had a pj dance off. We had two days of skiing and lots of good help from our coaches. There is a send-off party for all the London athletes at the end of February and I will blog about that after it happens. I will also blog about the National games. I am very excited.

With Angela at the ROM

With Angela at the ROM

Last weekend I took the train to Toronto again. I went to something called Friday Night Live with Angela and Ollie. It was at the ROM. There was a Bob Marley tribute but also there was lots of science like paleontology and chemistry because we were in a museum. It was really fun. I would like to do that again. The food was good at the museum. I had a vegetarian chickpea dish.

On Saturday, we met up with our friends Dave and Ron and had dinner at a good Mexican restaurant.

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  1. Wow – you are a lucky lady Val. You have travelled to so many places and done many fun and interesting things in the last year! Looking forward to hearing about your success at the Nationals!

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