National Winter Games in Newfoundland

On February 29th my Ontario teammates and I flew to Newfoundland to compete in

Me, with my two of my teammates, Sophie and Sally.

Me, with my two of my teammates, Sophie and Sally.

the Special Olympics Canada National Winter Games. There are 12 Ontario Alpine athletes competing against athletes from across the country.

On Tuesday, March 1st, we had the Opening Ceremonies. I was part of the Parade of Athletes going into the ceremony. Team Ontario’s slogan was Rock On. We all marched in behind the Team Ontario sign. Team Ontario was very big. Team Yukon and North West Territories were very small. At the ceremonies, there was a band that played and a lot of us got up and danced.

DSC_0138Wednesday was a big day. I raced the Giant Slalom (the GS) and I won the bronze medal! At the end of the race day, they award the medals. When I got up on the podium, it felt amazing.

Thursday was a rainy day so our races were postponed. We went to watch some of the indoor sports. We saw figure skating, floor hockey and speed skating. I cheered on some of my friends in other sports. It was good to see how well they were playing. I met Olympic Champion Speed Skater Catriona Le May Doan. She gave us some advice on competitions.

Me and Catriona Le May Doan.

Me and Catriona Le May Doan.

We had a bit of fun and had to kiss a cod. It is called getting “screeched in” in Newfoundland and we were all laughing at each other with the fish. Now we are all honourary Newfoundlanders.

On Friday, I was back to skiing. The rain was done and it was snowing and really cold. In the morning I raced the Super G. In the Super G, the gates are far apart and so you can go really fast. It’s a longer race too. In the afternoon, I raced the Slalom. In the Slalom, the gates are really close and it’s a super tight course. You have to make really sharp turns. Guess what? I won a silver in the Super G and in the Slalom, I got a gold medal!

The slalom race

The slalom race


The Super G







I was feeling awesome when I got the silver and proud when I got the gold. I was a little bit shocked. My dad was one of my coaches so he was there and my mom and my sister, Angela were there watching and cheering me on. After I won my medals, we facetimed with my sister, Jackie so she could see my medals.

On Saturday I was sick and so I missed the closing ceremonies. We flew home on Sunday and then I missed a week of work because I had pneumonia.I had to wait to show people my medals, because I was sick.



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  1. What a wonderful experience Val, one I am sure you will never forget. Thank you for sharing your story and congratulations on those medals!! Gold, Silver and Bronze, WOW!!!!

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