After the Worlds

Now that I am back at home life is back to the way it was. I am back at my full-time job and they missed me while I was away. I am back to my other sports – right now that is basketball, rhythmic gymnastics and indoor soccer. Did I tell you that I am part of a team going to the Provincial Games in soccer in July? It is in Peel Region.

But even though the World Games are done, I am not done with working out and eating healthy. I am going to keep working out 3 or 4 times a week and I am going to keep eating really healthy.  I feel strong and healthy and I want to stay like that.

I think that soon I would like to share some of my favourite healthy recipes with you.

One thought on “After the Worlds

  1. I look forward to seeing some of your healthy recipes soon!
    I always enjoy reading your blog entries Val, keep up that busy life of yours, you are setting such a good example for those around you. Inspire!

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